Press Release: TCKP Partnering with Evesham Fire Rescue

The Corner Kingdom Project, Inc. is proud to partner with Evesham Fire Rescue to build a Firefighter Dream Room for John Marandola, a 5-yr-old boy battling a rare and aggressive form of brain cancer. 

The Corner Kingdom Project (TCKP) is a newly founded non-profit based in New Hampshire and serves families in New Hampshire and Massachusetts. Designer Tiffany Gagnon founded the organization last year, after she became a new mom and felt compelled to give back. 

“I am so thankful for my beautiful son. He was born healthy and my life was still turned upside down. While on maternity leave, I had read so many stories about children facing life-threatening illnesses, and children living with disabilities. I’m not a doctor, so I can’t treat. I’m not a researcher, so I can’t find a cure. I’m a designer, and I can create nurturing environments and help ease everyday challenges through creative problem-solving.”  Tiffany Blessing-Gagnon, Founder & President, TCKP

Although TCKP is based in NH, the story of John Marandola touched their hearts. Tiffany had ties to Evesham Firefighter Jim Heisler, who was a general contractor before joining the department. Jim nominated John as a “King” and TCKP committed to giving John his Dream Room. 

“King John is so full of life, and his family is so full of love. It’s inspiring to see how the community has rallied around this family in their time of hardship. We want to do our part by putting a big smile on his face and design a room where he can be the firefighter he wants to be.”

John was made an honorary Evesham Firefighter and the department continues to support him with this room design. The room, which was converted from a garage, requires a lot of structural work. Fireman Jim is leading the construction efforts while TCKP leads the design and build.

The “big build” is scheduled for March. As John gets an MRI on Thursday, January 8th, we pray that his cancer has not spread. The project will move up if needed. We ask for all the support we can get, including donations to make the room possible, as well as thoughts and prayers for King John and the Marandola family.