Do you know a special child who would benefit from a custom Corner Kingdom? Nominate them!

Please note: Due to demand, not all nominees will be selected.


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Please describe why this child/family would benefit from a Corner Kingdom and what challenges they are living with.
Approve Communication with Medical Staff *
To ensure the best room design, it is important to communicate with medical staff about the child's needs. The nominated family will be asked to approve this communication by signing a waiver through the hospital or practice.
Type of Room *
See list of descriptions below.

Functional Spaces
Room may require medical equipment and supplies to be conveniently integrated into the room design. Design solutions are fun and functional to ease everyday challenges.

Room design is warm and nurturing while accommodating medical equipment for babies with special needs. 

Safe Spaces
Room offers children with autism spectrum disorders a sensory safe environment that can help them to cope and flourish. 

Dream Rooms
Rooms evolve from the individuality of each child coping with a life-threatening illness.