Corner Kingdoms. Where kids rule and families conquer.

Many children with special needs or illnesses spend a significant amount of time in their room. We re-design rooms to provide a functional and nurturing space that benefits both the child and his/her caregiver.

Many of these children rely on medical devices, but this equipment often makes the room feel cold and sterile. Since surrounding environments affect mood and well-being, we creatively integrate medical devices, therapeutic tools, and sensory stations into the room design.

Our rooms provide functionality and organization for parents so they can focus on caring for their children. And children can enjoy being “kings and queens of their own castle.

Founded by the Love of Design and the Love of Helping Others

Tiffany and her two sons


TCKP is founded by designer Tiffany Blessing-Gagnon, who has a dream of combining her passion and skills in design with the ability to help others. 

When I became a mother I realized how overwhelmed you can become and how this little person, along with all his stuff, completely takes over your home. I want to help parents stay organized when life can so easily be turned upside-down. And I want to give children a unique place to call their own — where they can feel at peace and thrive.


Each of our services provides a unique space tailored to those who need it most.



Functional Spaces

Rooms for children living with a condition that may require medical equipment and supplies to be conveniently integrated into the room design. These rooms provide fun and functional design solutions to help ease everyday challenges for the family.





Dream Rooms

Imaginative rooms evolving from the individuality of a child coping with a life-threatening or terminal illness. These rooms will not feel like sterile hospital rooms. These children deserve to be Kings and Queens of their own castle, and spending time in these rooms will grant them that.  


Safe Spaces

Rooms offering children with autism spectrum disorders a sensory safe environment that can help them to cope, stay calm, and flourish. Since autism affects every child differently, we will work with parents, therapists, social workers, and anyone involved who may be helpful in providing insight to create the best environment. 



Rooms designed to accommodate medical equipment for parents who know their baby will be born with special needs. We will work with parents to design a functional space that is warm and nurturing so they can relax and enjoy their beautiful bundle of joy while providing their special care.

We also provide services to parents with newborns who have undergone an unexpected complication during birth. We will not change the original design and charm of the nursery, but will provide accommodations and adjustments to help make the coming-home event a seamless and happy occasion.


The Corner Kingdom Community

TCKP is a registered 501(c)(3) organization headquartered in Hudson, NH serving families in New Hampshire and Massachusetts. 

We are fortunate to have the support of a dedicated Board of Directors and a passionate group of volunteers. 

If you would like to become part of our growing community, apply to become a volunteer or offer your professional services or consulting expertise