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Meet Seth

Seth and his best bud, "Teddy with a Red Ribbon" who has been through every surgery and milestone with him.

Seth and his best bud, "Teddy with a Red Ribbon" who has been through every surgery and milestone with him.

Seth is a strong 10-year-old boy who was born with a genetic bleeding disorder called severe hemophilia A—an incurable, life-threatening condition in which individuals lack a clotting factor needed to control any bleeding episodes on their own. Seth’s family cares for almost all of his medical needs at home, including daily (or sometimes two or more times daily) IV infusions of the missing clotting factor: Factor VIII. 

When Seth was two-years-old, he developed an inhibitor which attacks and destroys Factor VIII, which is needed to control his bleeding. As a result, Seth experiences very painful internal bleeding into his joints, sometimes for a week or more. Over the years, these episodes have caused severe and irreversible joint damage, which has impacted Seth’s ability to walk. As a result, Seth requires a wheelchair and is often confined to bed so he can elevate his extremities.

Because of Seth’s medical needs, he is unable to visit friends’ homes, attend sleepovers, or play actively outside. Seth also misses a lot of school and needs in-home tutoring so he can keep up with his peers.

On Saturday, August 22nd Seth got a fun and functional space where he can receive medical treatments, catch up on schoolwork, rest and recover, and play with friends!

The "Before" Pictures

The "Before" Pictures

Demo and Volunteer Build Day!

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Sponsors Who Made it Possible

RDH Electric
Donated installation time and materials for recessed lighting

ADF Flooring
Donated installation of carpet 

Donated all paint (5 gallons)

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Donated adjustable bedside table

Wilson Graphics
Donated MineCraft vinyl wall decor

RockBand Fundraising Event Sponsors

Lowe's Home Improvement Tilton #2610
Donated new carpet

Tilton-Northfield Professional FF, Local 4659
and Tilton-Northfield Firefighters Association

Demoed and installed new ceiling

 A2Z Emblems
Official volunteer t-shirt provider

The Stitch Fairies
Donated set of 3 handmade creeper pillows

Able Sisters
Donated handmade grassblock cushion

Common Man Restaurant
Donated $50 Giftcard to Flying Monkey

Engraving, Awards &  Gifts
Donated 7 trophy awards

Donated $20 Giftcard

Donated two TV rentals

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