Meet King Michael Besson | Dorchester, MA


Meet Michael

Michael is a bright, sweet 9-year-old boy who was born with congenital cataracts. This condition leaves him legally blind, and has caused some sensory and developmental delays. His father has the same condition, as well as his two older sisters, who have special needs of their own.

Michael loves Spiderman – though he doesn’t know why. (Perhaps it’s his Spidey-Sense?) Michael also loves reading, and especially loves math. His room is small, and features a small desk, which holds the special equipment he needs to read, do his homework, and use his braille machine. The equipment he needs (Closer circuit television for magnifying homework and reading materials) is large and cumbersome.


What We Did

  • Optimized desk area to be height-adjustable, allowing Michael to sit comfortably while doing schoolwork
  • Provided storage for the many books Michael owns
  • Provided additional and convenient storage for Michael’s toys
  • Brightened up the room with a new paint job and large-scale super hero graphics
  • Replaced the carpet
  • Installed new lighting fixtures to optimize visibility

"Before" Pictures


Volunteer Event -- April 22nd, 2017




Sponsors Who Made It Possible

LongChamps Electric
installed new light fixture and found and fixed a life-threatening pre-existing issue

Lang Door & Hardware 
donated slab closet door

donated printing services for Super Mike wall vinyl

One Family Diner (617) 436-1577
donated volunteer breakfast

The Grange
donated family lunch

Messina's Flooring
donated and installed carpet

Marchand Painting
donated painting services

Sherwin Williams
donated all paint

Dave McMahon
Illustrated Super Mike character

DecoMod Walls
donated vinyl cityscape

Dave & Busters Providence
donated family eat and play passes

Be a Knight in Shining Armor

TCKP depends on support from sponsors, donors, and volunteers. It's your help and generous donations that improve the lives of special families.